Interview with Marius Masalar

My name is Marius Masalar and I'm a senior content producer at 1Password. In the past, I've run my own digital agency, worked as a tech journalist, and done freelance photography. I also spent many years working as a composer for games and film, most notably for a game called Plague, Inc.

What is your content writing background?
I began writing for the web over a decade ago, contributing articles to various online publications. I mainly covered consumer technology, photography, and gaming.

Later, I began to work on content strategy as well, developing my understanding of how content contributes to a bigger marketing effort. That perspective now informs most of my content production work, writing or otherwise, and allows me to keep an eye on the bigger picture of how that content is going to fit into the overall strategy for a client.

What writing software is involved in your work?
Almost all of my writing work over the years has happened in Ulysses or iA Writer. I often oscillate between the two depending on my mood and needs; both are extremely capable writing environments, and as my needs evolve I tend to pick the one that's most suitable.

Do you use any time management model; how do you organize your schedule?
I gravitate towards the simplest possible approaches to things, including task management, time management, and so on. The more complexity exists in my productivity system, the less productive I can be because I have to waste time "managing the system" instead of doing the work.

As a result, my time management model is essentially non-existent. I don't follow any particular system or model or approach. I have the luxury of being able to manage my work schedule almost entirely, so I simply keep an eye on mandatory meetings and plan to get focused work done outside of those times.

I value free time immensely and work hard to protect it. I don't work weekends—ever—and I make sure that I have enough flexibility in my weekdays to allow me to go out for a quick walk or take a break here and there to regroup and refocus.

What is your current project you work on? Do you have any projects where you mix your skills?
I get to work on a lot of interesting projects at 1Password, many of which tap into several of my skillsets—writing, video production, code etc.—at the same time.

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