Interview with John Mercouris

My name is John Mercouris and I'm a computer scientist. I do anything that is interesting and can make the world a better place. I primarily focus on creating tools to enable people to get their work done more efficiently, and more comfortably.

What is your software engineering background?

I have a degree in Computer Information Systems from the Illinois Institute of Technology. I have worked professionally as a Java, Objective-C, and Python developer.

My background (as indicated by my degree) is primarily focused on data structures. I am most skilled at designing data structures to represent complex models. In that same vein, object oriented programming is my favorite paradigm.

Beyond data structures, I also have experience with data classification algorithms and processing/sanitizing data from the Internet. I've worked on several sociological research projects that involved scraping and processing data on the Internet.

What platforms / technologies do you use for development?

I use Emacs and Common Lisp for all development these days. Within Emacs I use SLIME.

What software do you use for automation?

Because I do everything in Emacs or Nyxt, I use Lisp for all automation. There is no need to automate anything else :-)

These programmable platforms allow me to control every aspect of my work process.

Tell me about your role in Atlas. What are your responsibilities there?

My job is to lead the development of the Nyxt browser project. I coordinate people to work together to make something beautiful.

I have a responsibilty to make sure that none of our team members are prevented from doing their work.

My primary function is therefore to enable others to do great work by supporting them.

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