Interview with Hubert Lubaczewski

My name is Hubert Lubaczewski, but I try hard to be better known as "depesz". I'm DBA with ~ 20 years of experience with PostgreSQL.

What is your SQL (self-)education background?

I never had any formal education. Dropped out of high school so I can work. In ~ '93, or '94, I got curious about SQL, and then I used it, a lot :) Im the mean time I started writing my own findings as a blog, which helped me retain the knowledge a bit better.

What does your average weekly schedule look like? Do you use any time management software?

Well, my time is generally split evenly between work and family. Working on blog or other projects is a thing that I do, recently, less often that I'd like. But whenever I learn about new thing in PostgreSQL, I try to use it, and then blog about it.

What hardware do you use for development? 

My current machine is self-built, based on 7th gen i7 processor. It's not really spectacular, but it gets the job done.

For emergencies (being DBA means that I'm part of oncall rotation), I have laptop from Tuxedo Computers ( TUXEDO Pulse 15 - Gen1 ) - which works great. It doesn't have much to do, though, so I can't say for sure whether it would be good daily driver.

Who are the people, PostgreSQL contributors you admire most?

There are many extremely knowledgeable people in Pg community. The two that immediately spring to mind are Tom Lane - member of Core Team, and Andrew Gierth, known on IRC as RhodiumToad. But these are just two - and all of the contributors deserve praise for what they do (

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