Interview with Haki Benita

My name is Haki Benita, I am a software developer and a team leader living in Tel-Aviv. Aside from my day job, I also maintain a fairly popular blog about Python, Django and PostgreSQL at

> Where did you study coding? Would you recommend your path to beginners?

I started coding at a pretty young age. I took some programming classes in highschool, and later got a BA in CS and economics. 

Besides formal education, I also always worked as a developer. My first job was a DBA at a large organization. I didn’t have a mentor back then, so I had to learn myself using books and documentation. Lucky for me, the first database I worked with was Oracle, and they have very good documentation, so it turned out great.

Having formal education is nice, but I think hands-on experience is much more important. During my first few years I’ve made endless mistakes - crashed databases, produced incorrect reports… you name it, I screwed it up. When you look back, you realize this is the best way to learn.

> What software is involved in web development?

I’m working a lot with Python, Django and PostgreSQL. I also work primarily on Linux, both for servers and personal desktop.

> What is your current project you work on?

For the past few years I've been leading the development of a large ticketing and payment platform for public transportation. Public transportation is often called “Mass Transit”, and for a very good reason. There are massive amounts of data flowing in and out and it has to be accurate, fast and reliable. Most of my writing is inspired by challenges my team and I faced while building and scaling this system.

> What does your average weekly schedule look like? Do you use any time management software?

Working in Tel-Aviv, our week starts on Sunday and ends on Thursday. I try not to work too much so I can spend time with my family and write. 

For many years I’ve managed my tasks in my inbox and it worked out OK for me, so I don’t use any special time management software.

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