Interview with Greg Kroah

I'm a Linux kernel developer, more details are here.

What is your Linux development background?

I'm a kernel developer.

What hardware do you use for development?

Lots :)

I don't understand this question, my specific development system doesn't mean much, it's a laptop and a workstation, nothing special.

And what open source / free software do you use most often?

Linux (obviously), and the GNOME window manager environment.  For email I use mutt, and wait, just see my ama on reddit here for more details: that should answer most of this as I've summarized this many times in the past.

What are your favorite books about the Linux kernel you would recommend (including yours)?

Most Linux kernel books are very out of date for the specifics, but the general ideas are still valid.  My book, "Linux Device Drivers, third edition" is great if you are interested in knowing how to write simple device drivers and how the driver model works in the kernel.  The book is free online.  If you want to know how to build a kernel, my other book, "Linux Kernel in a Nutshell", also free online, is a great place to start, although it too is out of date and whole chapters can be replaced with this single command now:

make localmodconfig

so it's not all that relevant :)

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