Interview with Bryan Brattlof

Hi! My name is Bryan Brattlof and currently I'm an IT consultant for a few companies in the San Antonio, Texas and Boston, Massachusetts areas in the United States.

> What is your education background?

I received a bachelor's degree from Tulane University in New Orleans Louisiana focusing on Applied Computing and Mathematics.

> You said you are a lifelong learner. What is the main focus of your attention today?

My main day-to-day work focuses on glueing different computer systems together for companies who don't have a development team on staff. It's mostly small Python, and Perl scripts with a lot of documentation reading and writing. I enjoy the work mainly because every new project will be completely different from the last which helps keeps my brain engaged.

When between projects I've started contributing to the Linux Kernel. I took a few C classes in college and wanted a way to give that back to the world.  I'm still very new to working such a large C project, but so far I'm enjoying it.

Also, now that it is baseball season, I've gotten back into what I call my data science routine. I don't consider myself a die hard baseball statistics nerd, but I thoroughly enjoy the lengths we will go to quantify how good Mike Trout is at baseball.

> What languages / frameworks do you use mainly for development?

I work with Bash, Perl, and Python scripts daily, though Perl seems to be falling out of style. I've been trying to find time to get into Rust and be more proficient in Go, which at this point feels a lot like Python++

> Do you use any time management model; how do you organize your schedule?

Todoist has changed my entire life for the better. Everything I do is project based which doesn't have a schedule other than telling someone "I'll have it done in a few weeks", and a large potential for pit falls or land mines to totally destroy a schedule if I was using a calendar based system.

The ability to easily break down a project into multiple smaller tasks along with adding small comments to each task as I work on them has completely freed my brain from the "now what was I doing" after some random distraction.

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