Interview with Aymeric Beaumet

My name's Aymeric, I'm a Software Engineer from Paris, France. I mainly work on backend and infrastructure systems (Go, Rust, Kubernetes).

What is your software engineering background?

I've graduated from Epitech (a French engineering school). Then I explored frontend and backend languages (Objective-C, PHP, Node.js, C, C++), before focusing on Go and Rust.

Looking back, would you recommend your path to beginners?

The approach my school takes is project-based. It's very intense but teaches you how to learn, which I believe is the most important in our field.

What things do you like in Go and Kubernetes most of all?

For Go the simplicity of the language, for Kubernetes the abstraction it provides as it has covered all my use-cases until now.

What does your average weekly schedule look like? 

Pretty standard, working Monday to Friday. And trying to find some spare time for side-projects (or do some meetup talks in the pre-covid times).

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