How to recover deleted text messages on Android? Dr Fone is the answer

Softdroid visitors often ask me how to restore deleted text messages on an Android phone. I can understand their frustration. Many console themselves saying that nothing bad happened, even if sms contained vital information. Sometimes we carelessly store passwords, addresses, business information in simple text messages on a phone, and after erasing Android device or, for example, due to a firmware corrupt error the whole important data can easily sink into oblivion!

If you have deleted one or more messages on a phone or tablet, the first advice is do not panic! Retrieving deleted text messages on Android is still possible, although it is difficult if  much time has passed after the accident.

What mobile app will help to recover sms on Android the most efficiently and quickly? In fact, there are myriads of useful and user friendly applications for data recovery on a phone as they all have a lot of similar features, here is the top-3:

  1. Wondershare Dr Fone
  2. MobiSaver for Android
  3. Tenorshare (Android) Data Recovery

However, after testing all of the favorites, I’d advise you to download Wondershare Dr Fone app (we wouldn’t have put it in the top of the list without a good reason!). This tool is convenient to recover deleted text messages on Android but not only that. It also scans  a phone or tablet to find deleted photos, contacts from your Android address book, video and other data no matter  whether you lost the  data, accidentally or intentionally. Just look at the Wondershare Dr Fone review on Softdroid Recovery and you’ll find out: it is an universal app.

But since we are talking about how to restore deleted text messages on Android, we’ll share some practical advices that are  likely to solve your urgent problem.

Note. Before restoring messages on your phone, try not to use it until you restore the required information and make sure it is correct. Thus, you increase chances to recover text messages or sms on Android immensely.

Step 1. Download Dr Fone app on your PC

A free trial version of Dr Fone 5.6.3 is available for download on Wondershare’s official website. After downloading  the package you can install the application for Windows or Mac OS X. Note that a free version, in fact,  doesn’t allow you to recover deleted text messages on Android; however, you can check whether erased contacts, found by Dr Fone, can be restored. On the next step it is easy to decide whether the game is worth the candle, is it worth to buy the full version of Wondershare Dr Fone or not.

Step 2. Sync your Android phone with PC, turn on USB-Debugging

After installation of Dr Fone on your computer, run the app. Go to Android Settings and enable the USB debugging option. Dr Fone uses it to obtain root access to a file system for further steps. In various versions of an Android firmware USB debugging activation has some minor differences.

  • For Android 3.0 – 4.1: Settings > Developer options > USB debugging.
  • For Android 4.2+ : Settings > About Phone > tap Build number for about 7 times until you get the message "You are under developer mode". Then repeat actions described in point №1.

Step 3. Searching for deleted messages on Android

After phone sync, Dr Fone establishes connection with Android. At this stage, it is necessary for Dr Fone to pass the Superuser authorization to be granted access to an Android file system, where it  will begin to search for deleted sms and text messages.

Before scanning, you will be asked to  go to the phone screen and click "Allow" to grant access to the Android OS for deleted sms searching. Now press the Start button in the middle of the Dr Fone window to initiate a scan process.

Step 4. Select messages as data type for scan

On the next step Dr Fone asks what types of data you want to restore. Do not hesitate to select  Messaging. Thus, the application will search only for messages and message attachments in the phone's internal memory.

The scanning process takes about  a few minutes, so please, be patient. After the scan is complete, Dr Fone will display messages that it managed to find on Android.

Click the "Messaging" in the left sidebar to see all deleted SMS before recovery. Then mark the ones you want to restore and save them on a disk. Finally, click the Recover button. Here you specify txt or html format for saving. Both of them are convenient to read on a PC.

Messages deleted recently are marked with orange, and those which weren’t  deleted - with black marker. You can filter them and choose only deleted items to display.

Tip of the day. Always make a backup copy of contacts, messages, photos and other files on your phone! Insure against data loss on your Android through the backup. Make backups regularly, even if you think this operation is not necessary! Thus, you won’t have to face loss of important information.There are many backup tools, but I’d recommend the most popular application for it - Titanium Backup.

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