Must-Have Android Apps from Harsh Sharma

My Name is Harsh Sharma. I am from Delhi, India. I am working as an Android Developer at Team Computers.

What is the app you developed the most popular? How do you think, what the reason for that?

The most popular app that I have worked on is MatchStix. It’s kind of a clone to Tinder.

What is your current mobile phone? Is it the best choice for now?

OnePlus 3T is my current phone right now & Its the best. Waiting for next OnePlus.

What apps do you use the most on your mobile device every day, and why?

  • Asphalt 8 (If you are gaming freak of any level from Beginner to Pro go for it. You will never be disappointed.)
  • 9GAG (Use it you will never be disappointed but recently they have done some wrong things to the app but its a great app. Use it once you will stick with it forever.)
  • Whatsapp (No alternative for this)
  • MusixMatch (If you are a music lover. Then it is a must have app for your mobile device. Its all about lyrics. This app is also having a widget if you play music on some other app it will show you lyrics for that song then also.)
  • Snapseed (For photo editing I use this app on daily basis and It’s from Google)
  • Flipboard & In shorts (For News)
  • Youtube (Like WhatsApp there is no alternative for this)
  • Uber (For daily going from Office to home - home to Office)
  • Es File Explorer (For Managing your Files In your SD Card and in your phone’s Internal Storage. A perfect app which can do even more than just file management)

Top–5 of your favorite apps for Android which you’d recommend to install?

Favourite Apps:

  1. 9GAG
  2. MusixMatch
  3. Snapseed
  4. Flipboard
  5. Es File Explorer

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