Must-Have Android Apps from Erwan Leboucher

I’m Erwan Leboucher, maintainer of Lineage OS for the LG G4, App, Android and kernel developer. I’m a 18 years old student in Computer Science, Loving High tech stuff since my childhood.

What is the app you developed the most popular? How do you think, what the reason for that?

I always develop app that’s useful for what i’m doing alongside the rest of my other activities. My main app is my for downloading the ROM i host on my server. People could easily download the Newest version without browsing the web.

What is your current mobile phone? Is it the best choice for now or you dream about more powerful/suitable one?

I just discovered the world of iphone with the Iphone 7+ , it’s my main phone at the moment with the One Plus 3. The best choice right now is the Samsung Galaxy S8, best camera, best screen. I’m not a fan of Samsung since their choice of blocking rom development on it and i hate touchwizz but it’s still the best phone you can get right now.

What apps do you use the most on your mobile device every day, and why?

Well i use normal app like Spotify twitter messenger …. I also joined the train of mastodon with my own instance so i use Amaroq (on IOS) or Tusky for Android.

Top–5 of your favourite apps for Android which you’d recommend to install?

My favorite app so far on Android would be:

  • Tusky (best app for using Mastodon).
  • Slack (best app for team chating)
  • 5217 (app for productivity (paid))
  • Motorsport Manager (love this game even though it’s a bit repeating))
  • Waze (best way to not get lost )

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