Wondershare Dr Fone - effective Android phone data recovery (Review + How to)

Dr Fone is one of the best and effective data recovery apps for Android OS. In this review I will briefly explain how Dr Fone works. You’ll also see how to recover files on phones, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Dr.Fone for Android (an alternative name is Android Data Recovery) can be downloaded for Windows and Mac OS, iOS and Android. If you go into a description of the application, there is nothing special for you to discover. The developers claim that their application is the recovery software number one and literally the best Android data recovery software for restoring deleted contacts, text phone messages, images and graphic files, music, documents and other types of information deleted from the Recycle Bin.

Critical lost data situations on Android device when Dr Fone can help:

  • Incorrect firmware installed on Android phone
  • Intentional deleting of files, pictures and contacts
  • Damaged memory card, mechanical impact
  • Formatting an sd card on the phone
  • Human factor and occasional error or negligence

Put on notice: To recover photos on Android, we recommend you to try advanced software such as PhotoRec, Recuva, DiskDigger Pro. Dr Fone is great but not the only app for this purposes!

Where to download Dr Fone Android for free version

You can grab a trial version of Wondershare Dr Fone for free. Version 5.7.0 of Dr Fone is available for download on the official website of Wondershare developer (www.wondershare.net) alongside other applications. We will use it in the review and show how it works on the phone Samsung Galaxy S3 in particular.

Download Dr Fone for Android

The application Dr Fone Free in its last version is stable. After downloading and installing it works under Windows 10 without any problems. By the way, earlier versions of Dr.Fone Recovery had various technical troubles, that’s why it was impossible to restore important information when it was necessary.

Full version of the desktop application Dr.Fone for Android costs about $ 50 and for this sum you can test all functions related to the data recovery without limits. Toolset of data restoring is unavailable in the test mode of Dr Fone trial: the recovery app makes it clear that the destroyed files and data can be restored only in the paid licensed version of the application, after entering of a correct serial number.

Is Dr Fone safe? Official apk vs “patched” app version

A number of Dr.Fone app versions are currently available on website 4pda.ru (dr fone.apk). The old version of this data recovery app can be found on torrent trackers. Judging by the comments on the technical forums, similar versions of Android Data Recovery downloaded via bittorrent, contain dangerous viruses, so be careful using unauthorized and torrent versions of Dr Fone app for Android! Dr Fone is safe only if you download it from the developers’ page wondershare.net. We highly recommend the latter to undelete files on Android based devices.

How to recover Android OS data using Dr.Fone app (free version)

If you have already come across some data recovery software, you’ll find Dr.Fone easy to deal with. The only difficulty you can face is how to get a full and licensed version of the app with personal activation code :). However, as I’ve said not so long before, you do not need to pay "for an awl in a sack" pig in a poke – isn’t it a good reason to use a trial version of Dr.Fone?

You can run a scan on your phone, then make a preview of found files and then decide whether it makes sense to pay $50 for the recovered files and android data recovery application, is it worth it? Just in case, you can use alternative software instead of Dr.Fone. we’ll certainly write about the best android data recovery software in next articles.

How to install Dr Fone on Windows 7–10 / Mac OS

First and foremost I’ll show you how to install Dr.Fone on your Mac OS X or Windows. The program can be installed on computers running Windows or Mac OS (both versions of Dr.Fone are identical) and syncs with your mobile device via USB-cable.

There is a so-called custom installation mode (Customize Install option). You can deactivate “improve user experience of the program” option and install the application on PC. After that you should wait for the installation completion.

Now let’s proceed to recovery of the information on your Android OS smartphone or tablet device using Dr Fone (Android).

Root privileges and connection to an Android phone

In the first step Android Data Recovery offers to connect a phone to your PC, and it can be quite an issue. It is necessary to grant Dr Fone access to the file system (to have an opportunity to read information from the SD card and internal phone memory). After you connect the phone to the PC and run the program, you need to open access for half an hour.

Settings applied to the search of deleted files on Android

Once Dr.Fone for Android “understands” everything is OK and has the authority to access Android OS, it will ask you to select the particular types of digital information that you want to search on your tablet or smartphone. After that you can select files to restore:

  • Contacts from your Address book on Android
  • Pictures from Android Gallery
  • Messages and sms
  • Video files recorded by the user on the phone
  • Deleted Whatsapp messages
  • Documents (files, word-files, text documents, etc.).

You can definitely specify all the parameters but it will affect the speed of phone and sd card scanning. Anyway, the remote file search process is quick enough so don’t think too much at this stage.

Excellent! Go ahead.The following Wondershare Dr Fone Free step begins to analyze the device searching for the information (see Status bar). During the analysis process, do not turn off your phone or disconnect the cable as you’ll have to start recovering process over again.

Recovered files preview inside Dr Fone for Android

As soon as the search for deleted files on Android is complete (or you are forced to shut down the phone scans), data preview will be available in a new window. In the left panel you have access to different categories to navigate. Here you can select the appropriate for recovering file types. In the right part of the window you’ll find data preview and can choose items to restore.

As can be seen with the naked eye, some files have not yet been restored even though you use a full version of Dr Fone with an actual serial number. It’s caused by obvious reasons: either the data files have been overwritten by other applications or by the user (it happens quite often), or … you should try to test Dr Fone free alternatives. The first app that comes to mind is a Tenorshare Data Recovery, an iconic tool for restoring deleted files on your phone.

How to get full version of Wondershare Android Data Recovery: license key and activation

When you press Recover button, Wondershare product activation window pops up. It will ask you to enter your email address and license key (or serial number) for registration. Without entering the activation key Dr.Fone Android data recovery function on your phone is, unfortunately, not available.

Summary. If you are going to recover files (images, photos, videos, sms, etc.) from Android device, Dr Fone app is easy to use. Although the app does not search deleted data in the internal memory of the phone it scans sd card and allows you to extract the most popular types of erased data on an Android phone: contacts, pictures, videos, messages, text documents (Word, PDF) and other file formats. At least the basic functionality of Dr.Fone is great, not to mention a full version of the android recovery app! So don’t hesitate to download Wondershare Android Data Recovery for free, install it and check how the app works on your mobile device. Also we recommend you to check other Dr Fone reviews - just to make sure that Dr Fone includes all necessary functions for Android recovery.  

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