Download HDD Regenerator 2015 - program to restore hard disk and its testing

HDD Regenerator is a program for recovering hard drive, its testing and diagnosis. HDD Regenerator software is able to revive the non-working hard drives and provides system information so called SMART. It is the best solution that helps to restore the hard disk without affecting the existing data. As a result, not previously read and inaccessible information is really restored.

We will talk about the main features of the program HDD Regenerator. Hard disk regeneration - not such simple procedure. Think of the computer as a collection of concentric areas with broken down into individual sectors. Each section of each sector of the circles contains information (we discuss this in future articles). Some sectors consist of the contents of files, e.g, doc file for an article, image, and so on. Hard disc reads speed magnetic head, data, moves on the surface of the disc.

There are some parts of the file system that allow you to recover files even if they were supposedly "permanently deleted" or hard disk is not working. Software that uses the information stored in different areas, in general, require some technical skills using special software or regenerating commercial products such as HDD Regenerator v2011.

HDD Regenerator 2011: Introduction

Downloading of the program is very simple process: you can download distribution via the link below by installing to a drive that will NOT be regenerated. HDD Regenerator v2011 software is free for personal use.

Download HDD Regenerator 2011 for free

Review of the main Regenerator features for Windows: restoring a hard disk

Before you download HDD Regenerator to your hard disk, let's focus on the basic functions of the effective application for Windows.

  • The utility determines the cause of damage to non-working hard drives. That is, it assumes the function of the diagnostic software for testing.
  • Also it is able to quickly locate, scan a bad sector on the surface of the storage device and restore it. In addition, the program can fix the bad sector on the physical structure of the disc, using a special generator called Hysteresis loops.
  • The program to test the full hard disk diagnostics, the best troubleshooting software. You are free to understand the causes of faults. If damage has physical nature, the HDD Regenerator repair anything in terms of HDD will not help.
  • In any mode HDD restoration you are insured against loss of data, because it works exclusively in read mode without changing the current structure or file a complete set of working or non-working HDD.
  • HDD Regenerator for Windows makes testing hard disk, ignoring the file system, so scanning takes place at the physical level. HDD Regenerator for free can read the file systems FAT, NTFS or another popular system also works with non-formatted HDD.
  • HDD Regenerator is easy to use program and does not contain advanced settings. You do not need to change a bunch of incomprehensible options to restore the hard disk drive or test it. The program was originally developed for the best performance and the result.
  • Regenerator runs under Windows XP / Vista / 7/8. So by downloading a program shouldn’t have any compatibility issues.
  • Bootable regenerating flash drive can be created and used for the automatic recovery. Bootable CD / DVD allows you to start the regeneration running DOS, and does it automatically
  • Works with any file system without loss of data, there is support for small HDD sectors.
  • Auto reconstruct works with any media other than CD / DVD. Very useful tool in case if you need to find out the causes of HDD failure.
  • Support for scanning and restoring deleted data on multiple hard drives.
  • Notifications in real time. The HDD Regenerator for Windows is quite powerful and precise app, which allows you to "guess" the future challenges on the disk. It is easy enough to download the installer application to install it to your damaged hard disk

How does HDD Regenerator 2011 works

Almost 60% of damaged hard drives contain a bad-sector. Developers have come up with an algorithm that is used to restore the surface of the hard disk. This technology is independent of the hardware filling computer supports many types of hard drives and repairs damage to the disk, even if the low-level format the hard disk fails. As a result, the information that was previously not readable will be restored to the hard disk drive.

Just download HDD Regenerator 2011 and you’ll see it! Therefore, it may be returned to the life of more than 60% non-working drives.

3 Tips how to use HDD Regenerator

  • If cyclical damage fixed in Microsoft Windows, it is recommended to scan the HDD disc from a bootable CD or USB drive
  • If your hard drive is external, it is also recommended to attach it as an internal drive
  • delays for the hard disc when it is read is not a problem. In other words, the HDD recovery makes sense even in such cases.

Regular delays means that the hard disk drive trying to read the sector. In fact, it has already lived out HDD, and - that it is dangerous - it can cause you to lose valuable data. You can try to test and recover HDD, using the HDD Regenerator option "Regenerate all sectors in a range" (Regenerate all sectors of the specified range). Also, the delay can be corrected by the "scan and repair" option (scan and restore), under the following conditions:

  1. The hard drive has been completely scanned at least once
  2. HDD disk has no bad-sectors
  3. The hard disk is not working
  4. The program HDD Regenerator 2011 was downloaded from the official site

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